DATES ARE 16th & 30th Sept


Caster of the Year - Glyn Baldwin
After a hard years casting at Cheltenham, with most casting done in hot still day's. Glyn Baldwin was this year's casting champion with his best 3 cast's totaling 792 yard's which gave him an average of 264 yards per comp.

This is a very good average for this court as last years average was 265 by Bradley Risebrough. No court records were broken this year 

75g   275 yards  NEIL KELLAND

150g   277 yards BRADLEY RISEBROUGH

125g    274yards  PHIL JONES   


Pictured adove:
Glyn Baldwyn
Caster of the Year 2000

  Ray of De-light !    

Nigel Greatrix with a 10lb Small Eyed Ray. Caught at Monk Nash, one hour into the flood at medium range.

Grey's Jupiter rod, Penn 525 reel and 18 lb Masterline main line.
The trace was a 3 hook flapper
with sand eel as bait
Nigel was fishing on a very bright afternoon when he caught this specimen.

A very nice fish indeed.